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Muraj International Technologies presents The Best Bulk Sms.

We are a leading and rapidly growing mobile marketing solutions firm with a far-reaching vision of becoming the name to trust globally when you need your mobile marketing solutions executed flawlessly.

Here we offer the cheapest prices for the best quality of service with our Lightening Fast SMS Gateway which saves you from the trouble of delayed and undelivered messages. Our website is the most reliable way to send bulk messages to numerous GSM and CDMA cell phones both locally and globally in Nigeria at the same rate. Our reach is not limited to Nigeria alone, we can also reach any part of the world. To benefit from our services, click register and register for FREE and also get free SMS to test our System with.

It is cost effective because the cost per SMS is lower than the cost per SMS of GSM operators i.e.Twonaira fifty kobo (N2.00) and below for bulk SMS; there is no Setup Fee (You pay only the per SMS cost) and there is no Monthly Fixed Commitment or fixed unit commitment; lastly you can purchase as little as 500 SMS unit.
The bulk SMS facility is easy to use because all SMS are from the internet and because of this; there are many add-on benefits like:
§ Ability to personalize the sender.
§ Instant Delivery or differed delivery i.e. message scheduling .
§ History of all message sent can easily be retrieved.
§ Account balance is always visible.
§ Messages will not be sent if the phone number is incomplete or nonexistent; an error message will notify you of this.
§ Email alert to be sent to you once account unit gets to a unit of your specification, for example, if you want to be prompted when your SMS credit has been used up to 1,000 units.
§ Messages can be sent to multiple addresses from excel(.xls) or notepad(.txt) up to 100,000 numbers at once.
§ Telephone numbers can be saved on the web through the creation of a web address book.
§ Worldwide Coverage.
§ No Expiry/Time Period.
Special Sign-up Bonuses
*2 free sms units- to test our service before you pay.
*Free GSM number generator- You can generate any quantity of GSM numbers in Nigeria and advertise any good and service to them at any time with your sms units.
*Free e-book- How to make money in Nigeria with genuine business opportunities. This e-book comes with Master Resale Rights (MRR)i.e you are free to use the e-book personally, give it out for free or sell it for any amount.

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